About Xavier Health

Xavier Health is more than an organization. It is a community of hundreds of FDA, industry experts, thought leaders and academics. Xavier Health was formed in 2008 as an outreach of Xavier University charged with making a difference in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and combination products industries. Our mission is inspiring collaboration, leading innovation, and making a difference in all that we do.

Together, the Xavier Health Community believes in:

  • Collaboration
    You can join over 150 industry and FDA representatives involved in Xavier Health working groups, teams, committees and boards. All work collaboratively towards increasing the confidence we have in medical products, and therefore improving the lives of the patients we serve.

  • Finding True Root Cause
    The critical thinking and methodical approach our community uses, as it addresses complex challenges, leads to better understanding of root causes. Thus, our solutions are true paradigm shifts for the global industry.

  • Purpose-Driven Actions
    Our community is engaged in initiatives and conferences that are driven by the purpose of making a meaningful difference. Through this intense focus, the Xavier Health Community is able to consistently provide value to the global industry and government regulators. In fact, we believe that if we cannot make a difference, then it is not worth doing. And when we feel we can make a difference, our motto is “better than world class is good enough.”

  • Commensurate With the Need
    Understanding of root causes, risk and impact reflects forward thinking that constantly seeks the balance of risks and benefits, while identifying ways to do everything “Right First Time.” We know that you do not have the time or the resources to repeat failure.

  • Actionable
    Ideas must be more than big. They need to be meaningful and actionable, so FDA and industry can implement the learnings identified by the community. Conferences and summits are designed so you leave with personal action plans ready for implementation when you return to work.

Be part of something bigger and make a difference!

Xavier Health Core Team


Because of the generosity of our Xavier Health speakers and committee members, we are able to give to money in their honor to the Bob Zinser Chemistry Scholarship. Through this scholarship, Xavier University chemistry students will have an opportunity to conduct summer research and carry on Bob's legacy.