As a sponsor of the AI Summit, your commitment to the industry comes to the forefront. Join with top FDA leadership, industry experts, and critical thinkers who network and collaborate at the Summit to move the industry forward. Your much-appreciated sponsorship makes a difference.

The Live Technology Demonstrations are integrated in the summit agenda:

  • August 21 Live Technology Demo Summit Session: Summit attendees will be broken into five smaller groups. Each group will be guided through each demonstration during a 2½ hour portion of the agenda. Each demo will last for approximately 20 minutes with five minutes for questions.

  • August 21 Networking Reception: After the Live Technology Demo Session, attendees will gather for our Networking Reception just outside of the demo area, where the demonstrators will be given the opportunity to answer more questions and exchange contact information with those they meet.

Sponsorship levels include:

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Why You Should Sponsor

  • Your company will be showcased to FDA and forward-thinking medical device and pharmaceutical companies as supporting the advancement of the industry with innovation.

  • You have a captive audience. AI Summit attendees include those who have been assigned the task of integrating AI into their organizations. Their focus is in operations, supply chain, drug discovery, clinical trials, quality, and regulatory programs. Gaining visibility in the early stages of AI implementation puts you in a unique position to learn together and find the right partners.

  • Know that you are “Inspiring Collaboration, Leading Innovation, and Making a Difference” by sponsoring the Summit!