For your convenience, the AI Summit presentations are loaded onto this page as they are received from the presenters, unless a presenter has requested that their presentation not be posted. In keeping with Xavier’s conservation commitment, printed versions of presentations will not be available at the conference. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Harwood, Director, Art & Communications, at

Building an AI/ML Culture


  • Orrin Edenfield, Cloud Solution Architect, Advanced Analytics & AI, Microsoft

  • Walt Mullikin, Head of Enterprise Analytics, Shire Pharmaceuticals

  • Shawn Remacle, Director, Health Solutions, Microsoft US Health and Life Sciences

Deep Learning Demystified


  • Jesse Livezey, Postdoctoral Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Fireside Chat with FDA


  • Alonza Cruse, Director, Office of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations, Office of Regulatory Affairs, ORA-FDA

  • Art Czabaniuk, Program Division Director, Division of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations III, ORA-FDA

  • Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, Professor of Anesthesiology, Surgery, Biomedical Informatics and Health Policy, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

  • Bei Ma, Vice President, Global Healthcare Business Development, BSI Group America

  • Bakul Patel, Associate Center Director for Digital Health, CDRH-FDA

  • Berkman Sahiner, Senior Biomedical Research Scientist, FDA-CDRH

  • Cisco Vicenty, Program Manager - Case for Quality, Office of Compliance, CDRH-FDA

Operationalizing Quality: A Machine Learning Interpretability Approach


  • Patrick Hall, Senior Director of Product,

A Practical Use for AI in Quality


  • Mark A. DiMartino, Director, Quality Data Sciences, Amgen

  • Dan Weese, Executive Director, Quality Data Science, Amgen

Predictive Decision-Making through the Power of AI


  • Nick Ranly, Account Executive – Life Sciences, Siemens PLM Software

  • Jeff Spencer, Portfolio Development Executive, Siemens

Watson for Drug Discovery


  • John Daley, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, IBM Watson Health

Xavier AI Initiative: Working Team Deliverables and Next Steps with You (Part 1)


  • Charlene Banard, Senior Vice President, Global Quality, Technical Operations, Shire Pharmaceuticals

Xavier AI Initiative: Working Team Deliverables and Next Steps with You (Part 2)


  • Pat Baird, Head of Global Software Standards, Philips

  • Mac McKeen, Fellow, Regulatory Science, Boston Scientific Group

  • Rohit Nayak, Principal, Start Up

  • Berkman Sahiner, Senior Biomedical Research Scientist, FDA-CDRH

  • Mohammed Wahab, Quality Head, Professional Services - Informatics & Analytics, Abbott Laboratories, Diagnostic Division