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AI Expert Leaders will help you avoid landmines during your launch and advancement of AI, by diving into the heart of hot topics, such as:


  • Setting a Strong Foundation: How to Streamline your Approach to Building and Preparing your Data
    Learn how to choose which data to include, avoid unintended bias (and develop a process that will help you detect bias that you do not know you have), and involve subject matter experts to categorize the data and train your algorithms.

  • Did You Know Algorithm Selection can Make or Break You?
    There are over 1,000 algorithms you could choose, but which one is right for what you are trying to do? Our Expert Leaders will teach you the nuances of some of the most commonly used algorithms and have you build (in this workshop) basic logic.

  • Let’s Get Real – To Buy or To Build?
    Learn from real scenarios experienced by our Expert Leaders, such as: We bought an off-the-shelf solution, but spent a million man hours to get it to work for our situation, and it did about 10% of what we needed. Then let’s dive into financial, legal and ethical questions you will need to resolve to support your success.

  • AI Maturity Model
    Through the AI Maturity Model development from the Xavier AI in Action Team, participants will be able to explore the AI Maturity of their company. This invaluable tool will set you up for sustainable success!

Solutions for the Heart of What Matters to You!

  • Unlock the power of AI in your organization.

  • Advance your organization from “potential” to “AI reality”.

  • Learn where to start.

  • Discover what to do when roadblocks appear.

This exceptional workshop includes:

  • Guidance from experts

  • Tools you can use right away

  • Case studies that are “real”

  • Lessons learned for your success

  • Answers for your greatest challenges

How Will this Work?

  • This virtual workshop will immerse you in a highly-interactive experience, supported by virtual breakout rooms, chat box Q&A, and live polling.

  • Two concentrated sprints to minimize time away from business-critical matters:

    • Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 10am - 2pm ET

    • Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 10am – 2pm ET

  • Recordings of each session will be available to you for three months after the workshop.

  • You will receive login information, slides, and supporting resources prior to the workshop so you are ready to hit the ground running with us.

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality, Regulatory, Operations, R&D, Clinical Trial and Supply Chain functions

  • Bring your data scientists and cross-functional peers! You will be able to better influence the advancement of your organization if your data scientist and cross-functional peers understand the vision, and together you understand the technical realities. No problem if you do not have a data scientist in your organization.

  • Regulators and Providers

  • Any health care industry segment

  • Companies of all sizes

  • Consultants and service providers to the life science industries

About the Workshop Facilitators and Speakers