AI World Team

The AI World Team, led by Xavier University, is a collaborative community passionate about advancing the responsible use of artificial intelligence to support improved success across the healthcare continuum, including healthcare diagnoses, product development, clinical trials, manufacturing operations, supply chain operations, and quality assurance.

Opportunity: The team recognizes that there is a plethora of artificial intelligence research, guidance, lessons learned and successful practices that currently reside in organizational silos around the world without a pathway for global awareness and access. Through the AI World Team community, we are driving the identification, access, gap analysis and development of artificial intelligence work to support successful adoption of AI across the healthcare space.

It is exciting to continually grow the number of world leaders coming together to collaboratively and responsibly advance AI innovation for the betterment of population health.
— Bakul Patel, Director, Division of Digital Health, Office of Science of Technology, FDA-CDRH
Bakul Patel


To enable the advancement of world health by expanding access to, and accelerating the development of, artificial intelligence solutions for the benefit of the global healthcare community.

Benefit to You

Did you ever wonder if your AI questions have been resolved by those who have already lived through the AI journey? Do you wish someone could guide you through hurdles you are facing and share successful practices? Chances are, the answers are already out there!


  • A living map illustrating the AI work that has been completed, or is in progress, across a diverse array of AI challenges.

  • A centralized process that enables end users to find and access artificial intelligence bodies of work.

  • Connecting nonprofit organizations that are addressing similar AI challenges so they can work together synergistically.

  • Connecting nonprofit organizations that want to have a voice in the work being conducted by other organizations.

  • Identifying which nonprofit organizations can address existing gaps in AI solutions.

Participating Members

Members from the following regulatory agencies, nonprofit organizations and industries are working collaboratively to advance the use of AI across the healthcare ecosphere. Below this list is your opportunity to join us!

Join Us!

Are you interested in joining us? If so, do you work for a trade organization or association, hospital system, academia, or other nonprofit organization that is conducting work in artificial intelligence? To join, please complete this interest form, which will be reviewed by the AI World Team committee:

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