Cincinnati Regional Chapter Membership

Be part of a groundbreaking opportunity to influence industry and FDA in paving the way for innovation. Join your colleagues from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in thought-provoking, practical, paradigm-shifting discussions that will leave you armed with ways to make a difference in your organization. Become a member of the Cincinnati Regional Chapter of Xavier Health.

Membership Benefits

  • Each meeting will involve timely content on the forefront of FDA strategic priorities and challenges you are facing each day. Join your colleagues in discussing successful practices for how to address the challenges you face, as well as ways to influence the direction of the industry.
  • Walk out of each meeting armed with solutions, ideas, best practices and an even greater awareness of the total ecosystem that impacts your organization.
  • Lively discussion around purpose-driven content will leave you with powerful connections to your colleagues that will last the rest of your career.
  • You will enjoy free attendance to the bi-annual chapter meetings held on the campus of Xavier University.
    • Our first meeting was October 11, 2017. To see the kick-off meeting's presentation, click here.
    • Our second meeting will be held February 1, 2018, and will include:
      • A Half Day with the FDA.  We will lead a half-day virtual web conference with FDA officials to gain insight on the highest priorities they have within their organizations.
      • You will have a chance to ask questions of each FDA official as we are connected with them through the live web conference.
      • After the web conference, we will facilitate table discussions with you and your colleagues on what was heard. We will provide feedback to the FDA on any thoughts you have to collaboratively address the challenges they want to tackle with industry. Dont miss this opportunity to have your voice heard, and take actionable information back to your organization.

Membership Dues

Good News: Your dues can be applied 100% to one Xavier Conference each year, so in essence, your membership is free. We want you to join us for our global conferences to become more engaged in your industry!

More Good News: All government officials are free.  Come and join us to learn first-hand what your industry partners are working to accomplish, what questions they have, and to further the collaboration you have already started with them.

Membership: In order to support Xaviers ability to lead the Cincinnati Chapter, all industry members are asked to contribute $1,000 each year to the Chapter. As noted above, however, 100% can be applied to a future Xavier Health event of your choice. Here are some details on how this works:

  • Yearly chapter dues run from July 1 - June 30.
  • Your dues will act as a voucher towards one conference that occurs from the date you join until June 30.
  • The voucher will be applied as follows:
    • The voucher will provide a complimentary registration for all fees of $1,000 or less. 
    • The voucher will be applied as a $1,000 discount towards registration fees of $1,000 or more.
  • Your dues and conference registration are not transferable to others in your organization. We want you and your colleagues to join us and be part of this unbelievable opportunity to impact industry from your own backyard!