Join FDA and your industry colleagues from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in thought-provoking, practical, paradigm-shifting discussions that will leave you armed with ways to make a difference in your organization. Become a member of the Cincinnati Regional Chapter of Xavier Health.


Membership Benefits

  • Timely Content: Each meeting will involve timely content on the forefront of FDA strategic priorities and challenges you are facing each day.
  • Engaging Discussions: Join your colleagues in discussing purpose-driven content, successful practices for how to address the challenges you face, and ways to influence the direction of the industry.
  • Powerful Solutions: Walk out of each meeting armed with solutions, ideas, best practices and an even greater awareness of the total ecosystem that impacts your organization.
  • Meaningful Connections: Take advantage of the wealth of opportunity to meet local FDA and industry colleagues. Participate in the bi-annual chapter meetings and use your voucher towards one Xavier Health conference or summit.


Engage with member companies such as:

Upcoming Events

  • AI Conference Chapter Lunch: Join your Chapter colleagues at the designated  table on August 23 for continued collaboration and discussion.
  • Next Chapter Meeting: Our next Chapter meeting will be November 8, 2018, 8:30-10:30am.

Resources and Past Events

  • Chapter Meeting October 11, 2017. To see the kick-off meeting's presentation, click here.
  • Chapter Meeting February 1, 2018 included:
    • A live web conference, Half Day with FDA - The Future: Alignment and Reliance, free for Chapter members. We led a half-day virtual web conference with FDA officials to gain insight on the highest priorities they have within their organizations.
    • Chapter members had a chance to ask questions of each FDA official as we connected with them through the live web conference.
    • After the web conference, we facilitated table discussions on what was heard. We provided feedback to the FDA on any thoughts members had to collaboratively address the challenges they want to tackle with industry.
  • Chapter Meeting June 5, 2018. Included a thought provoking presentation and discussion around "Why Quality Does't Matter." To see the meeting presentation, click here.