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Supplier Quality Virtual Workshop, Part 2

Join us for part 2 of this interactive three-part Supplier Quality Virtual Workshop, facilitated by authors of Good Supply Practices for the 21st Century, Viliam Kovac (former VP, Roche Diagnostics), Marla Phillips (former Site Head of Quality, Merck), Jack Solomon (former VP, Allergan), and Cynthia Ipach (President, Compliance Insight): A New Twist on Supplier Quality Risk.

Find out how you are contributing to the risk of your company and the risk of your supplier, so you can break the cycle of failure. Through the Good Supply Practices, you will use tools in this interactive virtual session to assess a more holistic view of risk that transcends your operations, the supplier’s operations, inherent product risk, material risk, business continuity, and the relationship you have with your supplier. Learn how to increase the confidence in your product quality and reduce your supply chain blind spots today!

Tools included: Supply Chain Risk Management Triage, Self-Qualification, Supplier Assessment, and Material Risk Scoring