Upcoming January Webinar

Why “Quality” Doesn’t Matter

Thursday, January 18 from 12:00-12:30pm


Marla Phillips
Director, Xavier Health
Xavier University


The pharmaceutical and medical device industries have struggled for decades to improve quality, gain joint ownership of quality across functions, be valued by senior leaders and cross functional partners, reduce enforcement actions, and improve trust with global regulators. Have we, as an industry, achieved these goals? No.

Join this lively web interview of a quality professional to find out what is stopping us from achieving these goals and how to overcome the obstacles that are getting in our way.  Find out how “Quality” can become the greatest asset to your organization, and learn how you can provide input that will help shift the entire industry.  The following questions will be explored in this session:

  1. Why doesn’t “Quality” matter? 
  2. If “Quality” doesn’t matter, then what does?
  3. How can “Quality” become the greatest asset to the CEO?

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