Integration: Successful Practices Across Industries

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor
Co-Founder and CEO


Aligning with an external organization through contract operations, supplier relationships, mergers and acquisitions goes beyond FDA regulated industries – and has existed for decades. Michael Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Schellingpoint, will share insight from multiple industries that he has gained through the Schellingpoint Alignment Optimization process, which is a sophisticated methodology based on the Nobel Prize winning algorithms of Thomas P. Schelling. Through the Alignment Optimization process, Michael has identified trends of obstacles and successful practices that gives us a greater chance to achieve “Right First Time” in our FDA regulated industries.

We explored the following questions with Michael:

  1. Can you explain how the Alignment Optimization process works?

  2. What trends of obstacles and successful practices have you observed across industries as organizations work to align on strategies, goals and expectations?

  3. What can the pharmaceutical and medical device industries do to prevent misalignment and maintain alignment throughout the relationship lifecycle?