The Next “Big Cure” is Here and Waiting. How Can Your Company Benefit? How Can You Benefit?


Jason Barkaloo

Jason Barkaloo

Jason Barkaloo
Chairman and Founder


Imagine this: the next big cure—the next blockbuster drug for your company that can tackle untreated serious health conditions for patients around the world—is just sitting in a research publication, collecting dust, waiting to be discovered. Jason Barkeloo, Chairman and Founder of Opentherapeutics will shares shocking information that will be upsetting to know people we love could have been cured, and exciting to feel a renewed sense of rigor for the pharmaceutical pipeline that has only been trickling over the past 15 years. Opentherapeutics is a freely available collaborative platform that brings together the ecosystem of research innovators, funding sources, and companies who can take the discoveries to market.

During this session, Jason addressed the following questions:

  1. Can you describe the current-state of drug discovery—the dichotomy between drug discovery and patent protection that is limiting the proliferation of drug discovery?

  2. What is occurring globally that is limiting the research and development efforts of pharmaceutical companies?

  3. In your opinion, how can companies risk taking a product to market if its discovery was not patented?

  4. How is open collaboration the answer for companies and for the hopes of patients around the world?