Cybersecurity Key Learnings from Other Industries


Jerry Bessette

Jerry Bessette

Jerry Bessette
Associate Director
Navigant Consulting



The words “cyberattack or “cyber threat” are increasingly in the news headlines and recently, the spotlight was on a major pharmaceutical company besieged by a ransomware attack. The truth is, it could happen to anyone.

We spoke to Jerry Bessette, Associate Director, Navigant Consulting Inc., and former FBI Chief of Cyber Operations Section II, to learn how prepared the medical device and pharmaceutical industries are to combat cybersecurity risk. Jerry shared real examples of cybersecurity compromises and key strategies to help you go on the offense.  

During this session, Jerry answered the following questions:

  • As you look across industries, where do the medical device and pharma industries fall regarding cybersecurity preparedness?

  • What are the driving forces moving the medical device industry to increase focus in cybersecurity?

  • What are some examples of compromised security of medical devices and pharmaceuticals?

  • What key strategies can be learned from other industries to decrease risk of cybersecurity threats?