Featured Speakers 2018

Agenda Highlights 2018

“There are always a lot of FDA people on-hand to be really frank and open; to have conversations.”

— Kim Trautman, Executive Vice President, Medical Device International Services NSF International

Actionable insights on these topics and more:

  • Center Director Corner: Strategic Priorities for 2018 and Beyond
  • FDA PostMarket Update and Strategic Priorities
  • FDA Rethinks Corrections & Removals: Workshop and Case Studies
  • IMDRF, Regulatory Convergence, and Practical Implementation
  • The CDRH 510(k) Review Template
  • How Medical Device Firms are Gearing Up for Compliance with Europe’s new Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations (IVDR)
  • Beyond Metrics Through the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Applications You Can Use in Quality Today
  • Investigator Insights and Breaking News

In the Medical Device Industry? You Need to Be at Xavier.

MedCon 2017

The FDA/Xavier University Medical Device Conference, MedCon, is a conference with formal FDA partnership that engages medical device manufacturers in discussion on how to increase the consistency and reliability of product quality while complying with FDA regulations.

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Lots of great information in a very positive and collaborative environment.
— MedCon 2017 Attendee

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MedCon 2018 Sponsors

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Experience the Xavier Difference

There are three key outcomes that we look to deliver through MedCon:

Inspiring Collaboration

The list of presenters/subject experts were carefully selected to include individuals that were knowledgeable with current regulatory information, articulate and personable.
— MedCon Attendee
  • Feel the purpose-driven nature of this summit as soon as you enter the room.
  • Expect orchestrated engagement with your peers across the industry on topics you are passionate about.
  • Find attendees openly sharing their expertise to help advance the industry in collaboration with regulators.
  • Work side-by-side with regulators to deepen the understanding on both sides of challenges and opportunities.

Leading Innovation

  • Identify solutions that will protect your patients around the world, your company brand, and your business.
  • Talk about the “elephant in the room” to get to the real pain that plagues our industry.
  • Learn what you didn’t know you didn’t know! Walk away with real solutions.
  • Hear directly from speakers who passionately challenge the status quo.

Making a Difference

  • Work through real working models that can improve the reliability of your product…today.
  • Learn how you can be part of the solution.
  • Understand who your stakeholders are so you can implement meaningful and sustainable change.
  • Leave the conference armed with action plans that are orchestrated throughout the summit and solidified before you leave.