7:45 AM - 8:30 AM


Join your colleagues from around the country as we begin the last day of MedCon with a complimentary warm breakfast.

8:30AM - 8:35AM    

Conference Day 3 Milestone: Your Learning Put into Action

Speakers: Jim Wulfeck, Complete Mastery

8:35AM - 9:35AM    

What to Expect with FDA’s Program Alignment?

In FY 2017, FDA plans to implement its Program Alignment initiative. Due to the increased complexity and globalization of medical products, innovation, and legislative changes, the Agency is transforming its operations to best achieve its mission-critical objectives. Understand what to expect as the FDA centers and districts align on the roll-out and implementation of this new program.

Moderator: Karen Coleman
Speakers: Blake Bevill, FDA

9:35AM -9:55AM


9:55AM - 11:55AM

Investigator Insights and Breaking News

Every year at MedCon, FDA announces the enforcement data from the previous year and shares insights on inspection trends observed. The FDA sends veteran device investigators to “tell it like it is” from their perspective. Use this friendly forum to prepare today for tomorrow.

Moderator: Monica Wilkins, Abbott
Speakers: Gina Brackett, FDA; Ben Dastoli, FDA; Phil Pontikos, FDA; Jessica Zeller, FDA

11:55 AM - 12:25 PM

To Your Success!

Thank you for joining us, but we insist that you leave with action plans that will enable you to make a difference in your organization and for the patients you serve. Work with your colleagues on turning your learning into a full action plan.

Moderator: Marla Phillips, Xavier Health
Speakers: Jim Wulfeck, Complete Mastery