Phillips Speaks at 15th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum

Dr. Marla Phillips, Director, Xavier Health, spoke at the 15th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum. The forum took place September 25-29, 2017 in Chicago.

15th Annual Global Forum

Phillips, named a conference thought leader, presented “Putting a Spotlight on Supply Chain Blind Spots to Increase Safety, Improve Quality and Enhance Reliability,” which covered these topics:

  • Gaining insights into the infamous heparin case and what key takeaways put the Xavier/FDA task force in action.
  • Reviewing the Pareto and GAP analysis used to identify top risk areas to focus supply chain improvements.
  • Examining the team’s results and recommendations for good supply practices (GSPs) through a supply-by-design process.
  • How will the outcomes of this project affect the pharma supply chain? How can the GSPs be adopted across the industry? How to use the regulations to your advantage?

The 2017 conference’s program themes included:

  • Effective transitioning between your clinical and commercial supply chains to reduce delays to market.
  • Collaboration between your global logistics, quality, packaging, and security teams to create organizational standards.
  • Discovering the next wave of temperature monitoring technologies and next generation cold chain packaging.
  • Looking ahead at the medicines of the future and their potential impact on the temperature controlled supply chain.
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of the global GDP landscape and what changes are on the horizon.

Held in Chicago, over 850 people attended the event. For more information, visit the Cold Chain Global Forum’s website.