Thank you to our industry honorees!

The following individuals have donated their time and talent to the success of Xavier Health conferences by being a distinguished speaker or committee member. A donation to the Bob Zinser Scholarship has been given in their honor:

Combination Products Summit 2019

  • Ryan McGowan

  • Krystin Meidell

  • Maryam Mokhtarzadeh

  • Susan Neadle

  • Thinh Nguyen

  • Meera Raghuram

  • Fatemeh Razjouyan

  • Suzette Roan

  • Chin-Wei Soo

  • Alan Stevens

  • John Towns

  • Kim Trautman

  • John “Barr” Weiner

  • Andrew Yeatts

  • Khaudeja Bano

  • Mike Barnett

  • Francis Blacha

  • Ashley Boam

  • Inta Buhr

  • Melissa Burns

  • Irene Chan

  • Tim Chesworth

  • Fran DeGrazio

  • Heather L. Guerin

  • Sue Holmes

  • Kristina Lauritsen

  • Jason Lipman

  • Demetra Macheras

AI Summit 2019

  • Carlos A. Aguilar

  • Bruce Aronow

  • Pat Baird

  • Bob Banta

  • Hima Chalasani

  • Oliver Christ

  • Alonza Cruse

  • Art Czabaniuk

  • Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld

  • Steve Frigon

  • Kyle Johnson

  • Paul Kostoff

  • David laurí Pla

  • Cindi Linville

  • Kumar Madurai

  • Kasper Malthe Larsen

  • Toni Manzano

  • Mac McKeen

  • Walter Mullikin

  • Rohit Nayak

  • Goverdhan Pallerla

  • Bakul Patel

  • Nick Ranly

  • Dan Santel

  • Michael Shepherd

  • Danny Tobey

  • Don Wright

  • Mark Zhong

What is the Bob Zinser Chemistry Scholarship?

Bob Zinser

Bob Zinser

Established at Xavier University in 2019, the Bob Zinser Chemistry Scholarship honors the memory and passion of Bob Zinser, founding committee member of FDA/Xavier PharmaLink Conference, three-time Xavier graduate, and Former Vice President for Commercial Technology North America, Patheon (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Through this scholarship, Xavier University chemistry students will have an opportunity to conduct summer research and carry on Bob's legacy.