Thank you to our industry honorees!

The following individuals have donated their time and talent to the success of Xavier Health conferences by being a distinguished speaker or committee member. A donation to the MHSA Philanthropy Program has been given in their honor:

AI Summit 2018

  • Kumar Madurai
  • Mac McKeen
  • Walter Mullikin
  • Bakul Patel
  • Nick Ranly
  • Shawn Remacle
  • Zach Rothstein
  • Berkman Sahiner
  • Jeff Spencer
  • Francisco (Cisco) Vicenty
  • Mohammed Wahab
  • Dan Weese
  • Mark Zhong
  • Charlene Banard
  • Alonza Cruse
  • Art Czabaniuk
  • John Daley
  • Mark A. DiMartino
  • Orrin Edenfield
  • Patrick Hall
  • Sanjay Joshi
  • Paul Kostoff
  • Andrew Langsner
  • Cindi Linville
  • Jesse Livezey
  • David Lonza
  • Bei Ma

Combination Products Summit 2018

  • Demetra Macheras
  • Ryan McGowan
  • Susan Neadle
  • Thinh Nguyen
  • Chelsea O'Connell
  • Kirsten Paulson
  • Marla Phillips
  • Suzette Roan
  • David Shore
  • Alan Stevens
  • Gretchen Vandal
  • John “Barr” Weiner
  • Steven W. Badelt, Ph.D.
  • Khaudeja Bano
  • Steve Binion, Ph.D., M.B.A.
  • Francis Blacha
  • Ashley Boam
  • Melissa Burns
  • Irene Chan
  • Tim Chesworth
  • Laurie Graham
  • Phil Harris
  • Girish Kumar, Ph.D
  • Jason Lipman

What is the MHSA Philanthropy Project?

The MHSA Philanthropy Project teaches students the complexity of grant funding. Student teams research charitable organizations that focus in the areas of child health, substance abuse, medically underserved and aging populations. A team of students selects one organization, writes a grant proposal, and prepares a presentation requesting funding to a “Grant Review Panel” consisting of faculty and peers. The panel then selects the charity or charities that will receive a monetary award.


MHSA Philanthropy Project Details

To learn more about the MHSA Philanthropy Project process and guidelines, click here.


Academic Year 2017 Awardees