MDIC Case for Quality Metrics Workshop

Better Informed Decisions that Trigger Decisive Action!

This engaging workshop was held May 2, 2017, to help move your organization from one that just collects data, to one that increases in-market successes by using meaningful metrics. Participants learned how more informed decisions can both trigger needed actions, and drive the Right-First-Time mentality closer to the initial days of development. Xavier University co-led the medical device metrics initiative with FDA through the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC). Attendees learned from the leaders of this work how to implement metrics in your organization in a meaningful way!

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Workshop Discussion Leaders


Hands-on working sessions enabled attendees to return to their organization and implement what they had learned.


The Workshop Experience

Workshop participants:

  • Had the opportunity to engage with the Workshop Discussion Leaders and colleagues on questions they had and successful practices to help with their success.
  • Worked through methodologies they could use with their work teams to identify metrics that are most meaningful to their organization, operations, and products.
  • Engaged in discussions, idea generation, and solutions.


Benefits from Attending

  1. Discovering how to increase successes by implementing the FDA/Xavier medical device metrics across the Total Product Lifecycle.
  2. Understanding the FDA Case for Quality vision and strategic priorities as they relate to metric implementation, and how they can impact one's organization.
  3. Learn how to identify metrics that one's organization needs, and how to identify metrics in areas of the Total Product Lifecycle that are vital, but not typically quantified.
  4. Developing a master plan for leading an Effective Management Review Process – moving beyond the meeting itself to total employee ownership.
  5. Understanding the power of data aggregation to reveal actionable insights one might not have through traditional metrics methods.
  6. Earning valuable CEUs: 0.4 CEUs offered through this workshop


Those in Attendance Were:

  • Involved in developing, tracking and using metrics within your organization,
  • Involved in internal audits, external audits, and due diligence audits,
  • A senior leader who needs to get your fingers on the pulse of your organization in a way that will inform decisions and trigger action, or
  • A cross-functional team member who is being measured – own your own metrics and outcomes.


Topics Covered

  • FDA Case for Quality Vision and Strategic Priorities for 2017-2018
  • Methodology Used to Identify the Metrics That Will Be Most Meaningful for Your Organization
  • Implementation of the FDA/Xavier medical device metrics
  • The Power of Metric Aggregation
  • Creating an Effective Management Review Process