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Xavier Health is an outreach organization within Xavier University that works directly with the FDA, pharmaceutical industry, and medical device industry. The Artificial Intelligence Initiative includes the work Xavier Health is doing with FDA and industry.


Through Xavier University, FDA officials and industry professionals will work collaboratively to advance the pharmaceutical and medical device industries by augmenting human decisions with artificial intelligence such that decisions are more informed.  The use of artificial intelligence will move the industry from reactive to proactive, then from proactive to predictive, and finally from predictive to prescriptive such that actions are right-first-time.  Through the Xavier Artificial Intelligence Initiative, the industry will increase patient safety by ensuring the consistency of product quality.


The Xavier Artificial Intelligence Initiative will engage pharmaceutical and medical device professionals, and FDA officials to identify ways to implement artificial intelligence across quality operations, regulatory affairs and supply chain operations.  This scope may be expanded upon Core Team approval.


The output generated through the Xavier Artificial Intelligence Initiative will be made available for free and open access to industry professionals and FDA officials.  Working Teams established annually during the Xavier AI Summit will determine the type of output that will be generated to best support the challenge being addressed.  Examples of output could include:

  Be a part of the conversation; join our  LinkedIn AI group  today!

Be a part of the conversation; join our LinkedIn AI group today!

  1. “Decision trees” that expert humans use to make decisions, which can then be programmed by data scientists through AI algorithms
  2. A set of rules within which AI can learn
  3. White papers delineating successful practices, etc.

FDA working teams were established during the AI Summit, August 24-25, 2017. The working teams will develop solutions to be presented during AI Summit 2018. Take this opportunity to join us!